We create a digital twin of your vessel!

3D Cosmos – Enhance your training and familiarization procedure using our innovative vessel scanning. Giving your crew access to your vessel anywhere at anytime.

How 3D Cosmos Addresses Today’s Challenges

How can we reduce onboard familiarization time in a cost-effective way?

Crew Confidence

 Give newcomers access to the vessel pre boarding. Crew members will be ready by the time they board.

How can we optimize ship-shore collaboration to swiftly resolve troubleshooting?

More efficient communication with vessel 

All departments with a shipping company can have access to the vessel at anytime to better understand what the crew is facing.

How can we tackle the high
volume of manuals
and tedious procedures?

Clear reference point

Multiple manuals and procedures  on the location of interest , offering one version of the collective memory. 

How can we offer assistance for pre boarding project planning?


With our 3D Cosmos Vessel Scanning solution, we are offering  an accurate measurement tool giving you the ability to conduct measurements on your vessel from shore.

What value can we offer to increase your competitiveness?

Take advantage instantly of any S&P , Chartering or investor opportunity by sharing an interactive tour of your vessel for any stakeholders.

Fast Scanning, No Interruptions.

for scanning- no disruption to operations

to create the photorealistic digital twin

adding your documents and on your vessels


From Any Device