We create a digital twin of your vessel!

3D Cosmos provides vessel 3D scanning services by capturing accurate data on the vessel’s condition and creating a digital version that’s available on the cloud.

Today’s Challenges

  • How can we get crews onboard as well as office personnel that “hit the ground running”, i.e. make familiar, productive and “vessel ready” before they even board the vessel, with zero expenses?
  • How can we optimize ship-shore collaboration, to resolve troubleshooting swiftly and at the lowest disruption?
  • Have “one version of the truth”, a solid reference point of repair that can serve as collective memory for monitoring & benchmarking?
  • Enhance your collaboration with other vendors so that you can received ensuring faster offers (pre-boarding project planning)?
  • Enrich Audits & Inspections to Oil Majors/Charters to demonstrate high standards?
  • Take advantage instantly of any S&P & Chartering opportunity by giving a live and interactive tour/demo of your vessel anytime?
  • How to reduce our carbon emission footprint, for good CSR & sustainability?

Fast Scanning, No Interruptions.

It takes us 2 days to scan your vessel with our 4K high quality equipment, without interrupting any of the ongoing operations on the vessel.

Have 24/7 Access to Your Vessel


From Any Device


Technical Perks 3D Vessel Scanning Services Grant You

  • Assistance in troubleshooting.

  • Familiarization & training of the crew as well as office personnel.

  • Access to high-resolution screenshots of your model.

    • Monitoring vessel’s condition using the model as a reference point.

    • Using a VR headset and literally “walk in your vessel“.

    You Will Get

    Photorealistic twin of your vessel.


    A screen-shots bundle.


    Unique log-in credentials to a secure cloud location that hosts the model.