Maritime Digital Transformation

About Us

Who We Are

A one-stop shop for digital transformation in the maritime industry; not just a sales agent, but an integrated part of the company we represent, acting as their own local office and expert in their product offering.

What We Do

For our technology providers, we tackle the long Greek Sales cycles using our wide-reaching industry relationships. For our shipping customers, we research and select the best digital solutions in the marketplace and bring them directly to you.

Our Mission

Our mission is to become a trusted digital consultant and go-to for any shipping transformation needs.


Oriani has its own premises with state-of-the-art offices and modern office equipment. We are strategically situated in-between the different Greek shipping hubs/areas and close to Athens International Airport. We work with Salesforce CRM, in which all activities are being recorded and provided to our clients as a monthly report.

Meet The Team

We at Oriani are a true team – people from different countries, with separate backgrounds, speaking multiple languages who are bringing their own varied experiences to the table. We strive to be unique in our thinking, breaking out of the constraints of traditional business to see how we can change the world!


Code of Conduct

Oriani provides its employees with a safe and comfortable working environment.
Oriani believes and has created an ethical working environment that encourages the cultivation of equality and embracing everyone’s differences and the benefits of diversity. All our employees abide under the same fair principles and we all have signed a working Code-of-Conduct that stresses:

  1. Our mission is to provide value to our customers in a responsible and financially sound manner
  2. We believe in hard work and putting the requirements and needs of our clients at the top of our priorities
  3. We do not share any intellectual property and confidential proprietary material provided by the company and/or its clients
  4. We provide our employment services in a professional and timely manner
  5. We believe in a healthy balance of work life and personal life
  6. We comply with all the appropriate business and governmental regulations and legislations that apply
  7. We do not tolerate any whatsoever bribing and follow international anti-corruption policies
  8. We respect our colleagues and competitors and do not endorse any badmouthing practices
  9. We recycle and aim to do our work with the least impact on the environment in a sustainable manner