Angelicoussis Shipping Group Implements Onboard Digital Health Care with Oriani Hellas and MedAssist.Online Solutions

Oct 14, 2022 | Oriani

Angelicoussis Shipping Group shows interest in moving towards digitalization by implementing a 3-month pilot program of onboard crew medical care solution by MedAssist.Online.

Being one of the leading shipping companies in the Greek maritime industry, Angelicoussis Shipping Group has a serious approach towards ingraining corporate social responsibility (CSR) within the company’s culture.

The CSR program includes conducting all business operations in compliance with existing ethical, professional, and legal standards, developing and training staff ashore and onshore, promoting equality within workplace and ensuring first class standards regarding technical and operational maintenance of the fleet.

For Angelicoussis Shipping Group, crew healthcare is an inseparable part of CSR. As shipping drives 90% of worldwide trade, seafarers are the uncelebrated heroes of the global economy. Thus, an important part of Angelicoussis Shipping Group’s corporate culture is providing proper health care for vessel crew members.

However, as the crew spends extensive time offshore, providing vital medical care, deviating, or evacuating the vessel in an emergency can be an extremely costly task for a company.

MedAssist.Online tackles this challenge by providing approved medical solutions through “bringing the doctor to the vessel” when it is needed the most. MedAssist.Online offers medical care solutions that are affordable, reliable, and are able to operate at sea with low to zero bandwidth, increasing a company’s compliance with international standards. The program consists of three user-friendly applications that serve different purposes and will assist crew members when there is an emergency on the vessel.

One of the applications, MedAssist Live App, addresses the challenge of providing medical help when there is no expert on site.

The Live App allows a distant professional to assist you virtually, as if they were simply standing next to you. You can get real-time visual instruction and guidance, using augmented reality by using the app. Anywhere and at any given time.

Further, the Skills App provides instructions for performing basic medical procedures. And the Heart App solution, that includes a Bluetooth sensor hardware as well, will generate a 12-lead hospital-quality ECG. Further, with a single click, the result (the ECG) can be sent as a PDF to professionals.

The only needed tool is a tablet, which is provided by is a Dutch company and is represented in Greece by Oriani Hellas.

Oriani Hellas is the one-stop-shop that provides selective innovative solutions that all have one purpose in common: Digital Transformation of the Maritime Industry in Greece and EMEA. Oriani brings together seamanship and big data in an accessible manner, giving shipping companies a competitive advantage.

This cooperation paves the way for the rest of the industry and highlights the importance of crew health and corporate social responsibility (CSR) for other Greek shipping companies.

Picture of (from left to right):
Nikos Diamantopoulos, Sales Manager, Oriani Hellas,
Dr. Christos Dimopoulos, Fleet Medical Advisor. Angelicoussis Shipping Group.
Dr. George Siatos, Fleet Medical Advisor, Angelicoussis Shipping Group.
Giorgos Karistinos, Sales Development Director, Oriani Hellas.