Capt. Andy Cross Explains How Data Can Make Seas Safer

Andy Cross has spent more than a quarter of a century working in the maritime industry. “Since coming to work ashore, I’ve dedicated my career to improving safety at sea. Reducing risks at sea starts with how we use our data, and it’s something we all need to be thinking about. Being open with our data enables us to analyse our insights more effectively. Together, data sharing and analysis empower all of us connected to the industry to make our seas safer. Attitudes to data sharing are slowly catching up with other industries. More and more shipping companies are anonymously sharing their data with HiLo to generate life-saving insights for one another. The problem is, we still have a long way to go. In fact, when it comes to how we’re using our data, the journey has really just begun. We’re seeing the level of shipping accidents across the industry plateau, and I think anyone connected to the industry will agree that this still isn’t good enough. It’s true that we have made progress in recent years, but every accident recorded could represent life, an injury, environmental disaster, or financial loss.

We need to do more.
To make real progress we need to continue to see change. That means changing the way we think about our data and continuing to develop our attitudes to analysis. We need to do something different.” 

Capt. Andy Cross on how data can make ships safer