Vessel Safety Management by AI Integrated CCTV Processing System​

vessel safety management

Captain’s Eye is a vessel safety management solution, that aims to set a new operational standard for the maritime industry to improve the safety culture and enable cost-effective management.

Providing real-time alerts on safety, security and operational issues ​by integrating Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions into standard CCTV processing system.​

vessel safety management solution

Prevent accidents & environmental pollution.

vessel safety management solution

Reduce off hire cost.

vessel safety management solution

Detect all safety & security events in no time.

vessel safety management solution

Detect fire, smoke and leakages of cargo.

vessel safety management solution

Dramatically shorten detection time of fires & leakages.

Onboard System

Running in real time AI video analytics on all the cameras with a control panel for the Captain and the crew.

The captain and the vessel crew will get an immediate alert on all important events to prevent accidents and environmental pollution.

Fleet Manager Control

This is the Control and Display Panel of all the fleet, where the Data of all the events in the cloud via satellite communication is stored. Video on demand one month back to support investigation and to prevent next events, based on others experience. There is also Online interaction with vessels, which allows real time monitoring of the entire fleet for maintenance and supervision. In every emergency event the fleet manger will get in real-time short video to assist and supervise the actions needed.

The Unique Value of Captain’s Eye

vessel safety management

Sophisticated Augmented Data Process

Unique AI Network

Easily Adjustable To Various Requirements

Fast Training Process

DNN Output