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Our team has one true goal – to drive sales towards your digital solution. Through our extensive maritime network, with over 980 shipping companies in our database and active working contacts with all the major fleets owners/operators, we can open the right doors to the key decision makers and get the deal over the line.

Ongoing Support

We offer 24/7 reachability to the customer and to our clients. We can help with the on-boarding by providing in-person F2F support whenever needed, we also offer first-level support once the product is in place to relieve the initial burden from our


We provide full transparency on all our work through the use of SalesForce. All daily activities are recorded there, which allows for detailed monthly reports with a granular breakdown of the pipeline and status of all leads. In addition we provide product feedback, market research and competition updates.

Why Target The Greek Maritime Market?

Greece is a maritime nation by tradition.

Shipping is one of the oldest forms of employment in Greece, and today it is the second largest contributor of the country’s economy.

Even though Greeks make up only 0.16% of the global population, they are the largest ship-owning nation in the current world.

A report from 2021 indicated that Greeks control:

  • 32% of the world’s oil tanker fleet
  • 25% of the world’s bulk carrier fleet
  • 22% of the world’s LNG fleet

In the last decade Greek shipowners have more than doubled the carrying capacity of their fleet.

Based on a report by VesselValue, in 2021 the value of the Greek fleet exceeded $132 billion, that’s the highest among all nations worldwide.

Greek shipping fleet’s value has increased by 92% between the years of 2018-2022.

Greek shipowners control 21% of global tonnage and 54% of the European Union (EU)-controlled tonnage.

Today the Greek active fleet consists of 4,546 vessels.

Partnering with the Greek shipping community is one of the most efficient and promising ways for a new investor to enter the sea transport market, on a worldwide scale.

Greek shipowners have been invested heavily in new, efficient ships, with the average of the Greek-owned fleet being lower than the average of the world fleet.

Interested in launching your digital solution into the Greek Maritime Industry?



In 2017 ShipServ engaged in a collaboration with the Oriani Team on representing and expanding the ShipServ representation in the Greek market. This has shown to be a highly successful match. 

Oriani has in-depth knowledge, contacts in the local market and has been instrumental in growing our Maritime Business in Greece, whilst building our brand name and giving good ideas for new product features. Oriani is sales-driven but also customer-oriented and extremely proactive. Should you be interested in targeting the biggest shipping hub on earth, then make sure you call Oriani

Carsten Schmidt

Executive Vice President , ShipServ Denmark

Oriani are well connected in the maritime sector and their persistent efforts have added great value to HiLo in bringing new subscribers to the HiLo community.

As well as expanding our reach within Greece, Oriani commitment to digitalisation in maritime and the use of data to improve safety, mirrors our own vision perfectly.

Capt. Andy Cross

COO Maritime Risk Management , HiLo United Kingdom