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Pioneering Maritime Healthcare
with Data-Driven Innovation

Health4Crew is a fusion of three remarkable forces. Together, we have embarked on a mission to reshape the landscape of seafarer healthcare, rectifying the shortcomings in current services, saving lives, and delivering substantial cost savings to the industry.

Collaborate Healthcare
A visionary health tech start-up boasting an award-winning patient management platform currently used by numerous private and public sector clinics.

Oriani Ltd
An established, innovative maritime technology services leader with more than 30 years of experience in delivering operation impact.

Medical Team
A Team of medical professionals with specialization and experience in maritime ​

The challenge

Seafarers are currently receiving healthcare services that are notably below standards.
This unfortunate reality leads to the loss of hundreds of lives each year and imposes $ millions in costs to the industry.

Primary causes​

• Conditional PEMEs​
• Known health issues not tracked​
• Care is delivered by random doctors
• ​No access to prior health records​
• Unclear patient “Ownership”​
• Incident records scattered across various clinics​

Be a part of our mission to elevate maritime healthcare standards & ensure the well-being of seafarers worldwide.

Our Solutions

Health4Crew helps you make the right decision.

By seamlessly blending advanced medical services with cutting-edge technology, we not only elevate the health and well-being of seafarers but also empower shipping companies to optimize operations, reduce costs, and enhance their reputation.
Health4crew helping you make the right decision.


Post-Incident Monitoring

Effective patient monitoring & follow-up to optimize care outcomes and recovery time.

Preventive & Personalized Care

Early detection & management of health conditions through a dedicated, local care team.

24/7 Data-Driven Incident Care

Ongoing monitoring and immediate intervention during crew onboard incidents

Our award-winning platform blends advanced medical tech, personalized care and medical diagnostic device integration to enhance seafarer health and elevate industry standards.

What we do differently

  • In-house, care team complemented by nutritionists and health psychologists.
  • On vessel, connected medical diagnostic kit for advanced tele-health.
  • Advanced patient management platform for a 360° seafarer view.
  • Digitization of  Post-Embarkation Medical Examinations (PEMEs).
  • Comprehensive, annual in-person check-ups at our Athens-based clinic

Health4crew helping you make the right decision.