Maritime Risk Management


HiLo (“High Impact, Low Frequency”) is a cutting-edge maritime risk management tool, that produces an accurate statistical prediction aiming to prevent major shipping incidents. Initially co-designed by Shell, Maersk Tankers, and Lloyd’s Register Consulting, eight years ago, tioday HiLo is an independent, not-for-profit company headquartered in London.

Giving you the most accurate statistical safety analysis in the shipping industry.

Internal Data from 55+ Shipping Companies

Statistics Developed by Leading Maritime Experts

Data from 3500+ Vessels

See Through The Noise

HiLo’s end-to-end tool collects, standardises and analyses your data, complete with guidance on where and how to act. As a result you have your very own digital HSE manager for maritime risk management.

To summarize, HiLo analyses hundreds of thousands of data points from our customers. In the end, we bring it all together to give you insights that can’t be found anywhere else in the industry.

Make Better Risk Management Decisions

HiLo’s maritime safety decision-making system is designed to assist shipping companies in being proactive.

More specifically, data from 3500+ vessels is collected monthly and analysed to provide a robust quarterly statistical prediction for your fleet.

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HiLo’s key focus is to help mariners make the best decisions for the safety of their crew. The more companies share their data with us, the more we can reduce the risk of incidents and accidents for the safety of your company, crew and the environment.

How Can HiLo Help?

Save Money.

Prioritize Focus Areas.

Save Time.

Save Lives.

Save The Environment.