Latsco cooperates with Oriani to create 3D photorealistic twins for its vessels using 3D-Cosmos

by | Jun 1, 2022

Image from 3D vessel environment

Oriani Hellas proudly announces its cooperation with Latsco Marine Management Inc through modelling solution 3D-Cosmos, to create photorealistic twins for its vessels with 3D-scanning technology.

Latsco’s decision to create photorealistic twins of its vessels, addresses the need to enhance training procedures and improve crew efficiency. The 3D visualisations of vessel environments allow crew members to familiarise with them and practice effectively on a daily basis. Such environments include the Bridge, the Engine Room, the Steering Gear Room, the Pump Room, the Cargo Compressor Room and Accommodation, amongst others.

At the same time, a 3D vessel twin has multiple uses and purposes relating to the contemporary challenges of the Maritime Industry. Its utilisation can effectively cover vessel condition monitoring in 4K quality, functioning as a reference point. Taking it a step further, the periodical scanning of the same vessel can provide tangible proof of its progress and maintenance status over time.

3D-Cosmos also enhances remote auditing by overcoming today’s connectivity issues. Shipping companies can be fully prepared for physical attendances, by virtually visiting their vessels multiple times. Thereby allowing the Inspector to be more efficient whilst targeting specific items.

Latsco showcases its leadership and pioneering position in the shipping world, by embracing innovative technological solutions. Oriani Hellas is honoured to have Latsco onboard and looks forward to more joint endeavours.