Maritime Trainer – A complete crew training & development platform

The modular digital maritime training

Maritime Trainer offers an end-to-end web-based solution, which offers a Shipping company to take control of essential functions of crew training and management including, recruitment, onboarding, and training.

In order to make your crew training and competence budget go beyond just compliance, MTR’s Maritime Training & Development Platform performs the following three functions:

The modular digital maritime training


The modular digital maritime training


The modular digital maritime training


The first step of the recruitment process is evaluation. Maritime Trainer offers assessments that evaluate key skills for potential new crew members. The evaluation covers technical skills, soft skills, English language, and personality traits. Therefore allowing a shipping company to have the needed assistance for an efficient crew qualification process.

Following the assessment, the trainings include:

1. Orientation Training including company, SMS and pre-joining training.

2. Digital Interactive Training to improve safety, environment, health, operational, competencies…

3. Personal enhancement training to sustain existing crew’s overall wellbeing and create next generation maritime leaders.


Lastly, we empower seafarers to reach the agility of the modern age through training and enhancement of skills that relate to: 

• Resiliency
• Communication
• Humanitarian Leadership
• Emotion Management
• Mentoring and Coaching
• Conscientiousness

All Things Considered, How Can MaritimeTrainer Help?

Inegrated LMS System.

Fasten your HR Process, thus saving time and money.

Enhance safety and awareness.

Real time reporting.

Flagged approved courses & customized trainings/assessments in accordance with company needs.

Offline module and available on all devices.

Maritime Trainer Key Features


Job application and CV management  Enhance your recruitment processes and manage related documents.


Pre joining assessment Including Psychometric, Maritime English and Competency Assessments per rank.


Onboarding and Orientation      Includes SMS induction and familirization and all company specific training.


   CBT Training  Rich library of maritime computer based trainings, soft skills and more.


Incident based 3D & VR exercises   Interactive and innovative training to retain your crew.


Management and reporting      Progress statistics and reporting to make crew management more efficient.

As Maritime Trainer we are constantly striving for excellence in training, continuously reviewing industry regulations to provide the best digital learning experience.