Expert Onboard Medical Care

Anyone – Anywhere deserves the best onboard medical care possible. solutions help bring better medical care – Anywhere. offers medical care solutions that are affordable, reliable, and are able to operate at sea with low to zero bandwidth. The solution provides 3 different innovative solutions to Ship Owner & Management companies:

Heart App

A hospital-quality 12-lead ECG solution that works offline with a tablet onboard and provides better & faster diagnosis. The result (the ECG) can be send as a PDF to professionals with just one click.

Live App

A breakthrough solution using two-way Augmented Reality that brings the doctor next to you. Live App is a ground-breaking solution that will change the way Seamen are treated onboard ships, giving the required visibility and information to doctors ashore (Live App requires VSAT connectivity).

Skills App

An offline stand-alone solution that explains how the Crew can respond to the 18 most critical medical care scenarios and carry out certain procedures. The solution meets the STCW & IMO requirements and can be used for Training purposes too.


Better medical care to your people on board.

More attractive profile to your charterers.

Less unnecessary deviations & evacuations. 

Better compliance with regulations and with ESG.

Increased crew confidence when dealing with medical care.

Please note that we do not replace any existing medical advice. Instead, MedAssist.Online solutions complement your existing medical advice provider. The solutions helps Master or the Senior Officer to take action or to gather vital information for the medical advisor.