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Manage and Monitor the Complete Process around EU ETS

What is coming – EU ETS

Starting January 1, 2024, shipping will be included into Europe’s Emissions Trading System. The cost levied onto the industry will quickly reach €8bn and more.

Any vessel trading within Europe will have to measure the amount of carbon burnt and ensure that EU Allowances (EUAs) are in hand on the vessel’s account by the deadline.

ETS Extension of the EU Emissions

How can we help?

Oceanscore is a solution that helps ship managers to comprehensively manage and monitor the complete process. Including:

  • assessing the need for EUAs,
  • allocating them to charterers or owners
  • requesting and accounting for them,
  • tracking open positions.
  • advanced EUA trading solution to buy and sell EUAs whenever needed.

High degrees of automation help reduce the administrative burden and ensure you are not left with a substantial bill to pay.


Trade only option

Focussing on operators and owners, we have built a “trade only” solution that provides all the trading benefits of our ETS Manager:

  • easy onboarding,
  • lowest prices,
  • flexible forward dates,
  • ability to buy incremental volumes as needed,…

This flexibility allows the direct allocation of trades to vessels and owners, eliminating the need to conduct inter company trades and avoiding unnecessary price/cost disputes.


Who is Oceanscore?

    • OceanScore supports maritime’s transition to net-zero. We do so by providing transparency on maritime emissions – and solutions to simplify compliance with regulatory complexity .
    • Our solutions help OceanScore’s shipping partners to navigate the complexity of regulatory compliance – like the ETS regime coming into force in 2024. We simplify and automate the required process, assure transparency and control for the managers involved and offer the best-suited trading solution for EUAs currently available for shipping.
    • We collaborate with Scope – Europe’s leading rating agency – to secure state of the art, verified analytics and full independence.
    • OceanScore was founded in 2020. We have come a long way since then – with much more to come. We continue to expand our scores and built the analytics behind them – together with you and our industry experts.