Onboard Digital Medical Care – MedAssist.online is represented in Greece by Oriani Hellas

Apr 1, 2021

Oriani Brings Onboard Digital Healthcare to Greece, by partnering with Dutch solution – MedAssist.online.

Medassist.online supports Shipping Companies and their crews with the right solutions, when it matters most. Medassist.online, solutions are designed for use at sea and will work with low or no bandwidth, enabling medical care anywhere. Delivering medical support, better medical care and reduce costs for ship owners. The solutions are simple, reliable, and affordable. The Live App uses two-way augmented reality to enable medical experts to instruct Masters and senior Officers remotely to provide Live support for patient examination and medical procedures. The Skills application
provides real-time step-by-step instructions on how to perform basic medical procedures, STCW 2010 – Medical Care compliant. The Heart application will produce a 12-lead hospital quality ECG on a tablet (iPad) and you can send the ECG as a PDF to professionals with just one click. Having this information available enables better decision-making on deviation, evacuation, or treatment on board. The Medassist.online services are offered on a SAS (subscription) model.