Onboard Vessel Services

Oriani Hellas with its many years of experience in the maritime industry has identified some specialized companies with which we have partnered and some very capable freelancers that can provide a wide range of onboard vessel services.

These include:

IT installations

Vessel digital systems

Vessel Inventory checks

Services include:

Fully Managed IT and
OT support

  • Installations onboard
  • Remote monitoring and asset management
  • IT-virtualization
  • Automatic file synchronization


Penetration Testing & Vulnerability Assessment

  • Covering your needs both ashore and/or onboard
  • External: Scanning and assessment of externally facing systems (on the internet)
  • Internal: Scanning of computers, devices, databases, networking equipment and networks.
  • Manual verification and exploitation of vulnerabilities in a controlled manner to test cyber security resilience.

Airtime (internet onboard) & crew Wi-Fi

  •  Offering latest technology solutions (i.e. STARLINK, 5G).
  • Dispatch, deployment, installation, and configuration onboard, of related hardware and/or software.
  • Ensure communication (Airtime) via available technologies (indicative list): LEO, LTE, 3G, 4G, 5G.

Managed SOC (Security Operation Center)

  • Continuous M-SOC operation (24/7 basis)
  • Centralized monitoring, detection, and response to cybersecurity incidents and threats
  • Covers both onboard needs as well as Clients’ networks, systems and applications ashore.

The same team who physically installed and configured the system will then be available to provide 24/7 support, removing any possibility of miscommunication and lack of understanding of what work has been done by others.

We cover your onshore and on-board needs and can travel globally to your vessels in any port, thereby ensuring the highest quality of workmanship is consistently applied both in your office and on the vessels by the same experienced people.

vessel safety management

We guarantee lightning-fast response and efficient problem solving when issues arise, as well as a holistic approach to setup the most secure environment possible with all the functionality needed.