ORIANI and Procureship Join Forces in E-procurement

Mar 1, 2023 | Oriani

Since 2017 the Oriani Team and Philip Nielsen have been advocating for the use of an e-procurement philosophy to help shipping companies. And already from 2016, ProcureShip’s team got into the technicalities of developing a user-friendly tool to assist Procurement departments in shipping companies, to become more efficient.
Both teams are obsessed with creating value for customers, so it was just a matter of time before the very capable technical minds of 
Procureship teamed up with Oriani’s customer-oriented mindset. 

ORIANI is known in the shipping market to select the most ROI driven and mature digital solutions that provide value to shipping companies. Procureship has years of expertise in building customer-centric SAAS solutions, using the latest tech tools.
Together the aim is to become the most preferred e-procurement platform in Greece and globally.