New partnership: ORIANI’s Partnership with Sedna is Here to Address the Communication Challenges and Empower the Greek Shipping Companies’ Operations.

by | Mar 11, 2024

Athens, Greece, 11/03/2024

Oriani Hellas, a leading digital transformation consultant in the maritime industry, is proud to  announce a partnership with data-driven software company Sedna. This collaboration aims to streamline communication workflows for Greek shipping companies, combining Oriani Hellas’s expertise in digital transformation with Sedna’s innovative email automation technologies.

Many shipping companies still struggle with the inefficiencies and complexities of managing their communications. Traditional methods often lead to an overwhelming volume of emails and hours spent on routing and categorising them, making it challenging to prioritise and process critical information efficiently. The manual handling of tasks related to operations such as chartering, crew changes and port calls not only consumes valuable time and resources but also increases the risk of errors and delays in decision-making.

Sedna’s mission is to address these dual challenges of the global trade industry: reducing the overwhelming email volume and enhancing the accessibility of critical information. By doing so, they aim to facilitate more efficient, responsive, and competitive operations in the industry, turning the tide towards streamlined communication and strategic insights, thereby unlocking new avenues for profitability and operational excellence in the heart of the global economy.

Stream, is Sedna’s data-driven communication platform that pushes the boundaries of global trade excellence by empowering teams and driving profitability. Stream provides you with a competitive edge by connecting email with other key systems, leveraging data which empowers teams to act confidently. Purpose-built to support organisations across maritime, commodities and logistics & supply chain, they provide enterprise-grade security and compliance  and an expert team to support you no matter where you are in the world. Sedna is committed to optimising your journey in global trade – embracing challenges and pushing the boundaries of success.

Sedna has already proved its added value in many shipping companies around the world; For example, Norden A/S, who achieved a reduction of internal email volume in Operations by 80%.

ORIANI states:

“…At Oriani we are proud to partner with Sedna. Shipping needs new digital solutions to become more efficient. Shipping needs solutions that are made by professionals who live, breathe, and understand Maritime. Senda was initiated and founded by a Mariner and has developed into a global maritime solution provider with an amazing team of technology and AI specialists. At Oriani we are privileged to partner with Sedna helping Greek shipping companies make better use of their extensive, data, knowledge, and insights. Fasten your seatbelts, Senda is here…” Philip Nielsen, CEO.

Sedna states:

“In an era where efficiency and digital adoption is at the forefront of the maritime industry, Sedna is thrilled to be partnered with Oriani. Our shared vision for digital adoption within shipping companies embodies this partnership. Oriani’s expertise in digital transformation and our cutting-edge email automation technology unite to set a new standard in operational excellence within maritime. This collaboration is a testament to our commitment to innovation and our belief in the potential of AI to empower the maritime sector.” Tom Castley, SVP Revenue.

The partnership between Oriani Hellas and Sedna aims to assist in the way Greek maritime companies communicate and to enable them to manage the huge volume of emails and PII, and to reduce manual tasks and time required to find critical information.

About Sedna

Sedna elevates global trade to unparalleled levels of profitability and excellence. By harnessing data-driven communication, Sedna facilitates efficient, responsive, and competitive business in global trade, turning the tide towards streamlined communication and strategic insights. Across maritime, commodities and logistics & supply chain businesses, Sedna unlocks new avenues for profitability and operational excellence at the heart of the global economy.