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ProcureShip is an e-procurement platform that provides an efficient connection between shipping companies, ship suppliers & service providers by offering a pioneering solution for the entire marine procurement cycle.

Benefit from a wide array of products designed to optimize your e-procurement process.

IHM Maintenance

We facilitate the collection, maintenance and monitoring process of all required documentation for the Inventory of Hazardous Materials (IHM), so that the Shipping Companies can easily maintain compliance with the IHM regulations.

Procurement Optimization

We make purchasing critical components for vessels easier, faster and more streamlined. The platform optimizes the procurement process end-to-end eliminating unnecessary manual work while also offering a unique Recommendation Engine for finding suitable suppliers and service providers around the world.


Collect, check and approve invoices 60% faster via our A.I.-enabled e-invoicing solution. Our Machine Learning Algorithm automatically reads and matches invoice items for all vendors’ invoices without the need for templates.

The Unique Value of ProcureShip



Trustworthy Shipowners and Ship Managers integrate with Procureship to connect seamlessly with registered suppliers.



Quality Suppliers and Marine Providers register on ProcureShip to increase their exposure and build beneficial synergies.