A Pole Star Solution

Better risk intelligence to mitigate sanctions, compliance
and sustainability risk.

PurpleTRΛC A Pole Star Solution


Designed with industry experts, our regulatory technology solution, PurpleTRAC, enables the automation, streamlining, and recording of compliance processes.

Regulatory risk can be associated with all aspects of a trade transaction, including the buyers, sellers, cities, ports, goods, and vessels involved in the shipping process.

With best-in-class data configured to individual risk parameters, PurpleTRAC utilises our patented persistent tracking technology for an accurate picture of maritime trade exposure within an easy-to-use, web-based solution with API and DLT compatibility.

How PurplrTRΛC works

In seconds, PurpleTRAC enables users to:

  • Screen the vessels used in a transaction, their associated ownership and management, port state control history, and Bills of Lading, against sanctions and enforcement action watchlists.
  • Monitor a ship’s historical, real-time, and dark activity, and be notified of high-risk points of call or suspicious behaviour indicating potentially illicit activity.
  • Generate an audit trail to demonstrate best efforts in compliance.

Sanctions Screening

Sanctions Screening ICON  Screen a vessel, its associated ownership, and management against sanctions, proprietary, enforcement action, and other official lists using best-in-class data from our alliance partners, Dow Jones Risk and Compliance.

  • Global Sanctions: A list of international sanctions, denied parties, and enforcement action lists.
  • Country Sanctions: A ship’s Flag and associated companies’ countries of registration domicile and control.
  • Port State Control: The ship’s entire Port State Control history.
  • Ship Movement History: A ship’s historic movements, highlighting visits to high risk or sanctioned ports.

Illicit Activity Monitoring & Investigations

CHECK VESSEL ICON  Continuously monitor vessel activity:

Detection & Alerts: Notifications for high-risk activity, e.g. entry to a blacklisted port.

Hybrid Track Technology: A single trail combining AIS and Inmarsat position data.

Customisable features: Bespoke screening parameters, e.g. country/port blacklists.

 Investigations  Conduct detailed investigations:

Bill of Lading Verification: By simply entering the bill of lading number of a container shipment, confirm whether it is a recognised, legitimate asset within the database of container lines currently supported, and receive a list of all vessels, ports, and container lines involved in the BL delivery.

Dark Activity/Ship-to-ship transfer risk: Investigate periods of AIS non-reporting to locate a vessel in relation to high-risk transshipment areas and regulatory zones.

Enhanced vessel intelligence: Monitor vessels suspected of illicit activity, by performing further analysis on non-reporting gaps for full visibility of your marine assets and logistics using our Maritime Domain Awareness linkout.

RiskCenter Trade Compliance

Dow Jones’ RiskCenter Trade Compliance allows users to conduct routine checks on key aspects of a transaction to ensure compliance with sanctions and dual-use goods regulations. Trade Compliance now includes access to PurpleTRAC for a more complete view of regulatory risks faced by organisations with exposures in maritime trade.