Underwater Hull Grooming & Inspection Robot

underwater hull grooming & inspection

The Current Situation

Biofouling – the accumulation of microorganisms, plants, algae, or small animals where it is not wanted on surfaces such as ship and submarine hulls, causing degradation to the primary purpose of that item.

Biofouling can have significant implications for ships. The buildup of organisms can increase the drag on the ship, reducing its speed and fuel efficiency. This can lead to increased fuel consumption, higher operating costs, and increased greenhouse gas emissions. Additionally, biofouling can also damage the ship’s structure and equipment, leading to costly repairs and maintenance. Some species of organisms that can be found in biofouling, like invasive species, can also cause ecological damage in new areas they are transported to. 

To prevent biofouling, ships often use anti-fouling paint and other methods to keep their hulls clean such as professional divers, and hull inspections at the dry-dock. However, the latter solutions are often expensive and can be dangerous for human life. 

The Solution – BlueBOT

Hull Grooming Made Efficient, Safe & Green.

Scrufy has developed a fully autonomous underwater hull grooming & inspection robot that utilizes cutting-edge technology to effectively prevent biofouling, ensuring optimal hull performance for vessels of all operating profiles.

With this innovative solution, our clients can benefit from improved vessel performance and efficiency without the need for human intervention.


Reduced fuel consumption

Reduced costs

Less GHG emissions 

Better compliance with Co2 regulations

Reduced impact on marine life

Why BlueBOT?


Independent of Connectivity

Biofouling quantification reporting

Proactive fouling removal