Experience the future of maritime crewing


Seafair helps seafarers secure the opportunities they deserve in a simple and fair way. Their mission is to bring greater transparency & efficiency by utilising data & technology in the space of maritime crewing. 

Seafair offers two valuable Crewing Services:

  • An end-to-end Management Crew Software 
  • Digital Manning Services

            Seafair offers RINA  certified, MLC compliant

Crew Software that helps you handle crewing seamlessly.

Advanced reporting & real-time market data & benchmarks

All seafarer info (ie profile, certificates, contracts) accessible 24/7 from everywhere

Alerts & crew competence flows to ensure compliance (i.e. inspections, DBMS)

Organized planning (i.e. line-ups, vacancy updates, seafarer status)

seafair platform

Vessel & Pool Management

Have an updated overview of all your vessels and seafarers. Access important documents and forms instantly.

Customized Monitoring & Alerts
Never stay behind important deadlines and make cross team collaboration much easier with notifications and reminders.

Crew Competence Forms
Manage appraisals, promotions, briefings/debriefings and other forms through our platform after getting them 100% tailor made.

Optimized Recruitment
See your vacancies and candidates, conduct digital interviews and assessments and plan all your crew changes on time.

Automated Administration
Minimize data input and access digital contracts, payroll, rest hours, reports and seafarer’s e-wallets, all in the same place.

   Seafair offers Manning Services through its own
DNV-certified & POEA licensed offices in
Odessa and Manila.

seafarer access

All principals access transparently the available pool; compare quality vs salary

Transparent collaboration

Principals lock their
pool objectively; full visibility on seafarer interactions


Objective 10-step
vetting process to
evaluate seafarers
& avoid fraud


100% compliance & acing of audits using Seafair’s award winning crew software

Seafair’s Added Value 

“Seafarers trust Seafair because we go

the extra mile for them”


Seafair subsidizes HMO / medical cards for seafarers
and their families

Seafair offers bonuses to TOP-4 & ETOs, to attract the most qualified seafarers

Seamless cooperation through Seafair’s proprietary application

Collaborating with an agency they get to love, including 24/7 access to support through our dedicated web-responsive application

Start experiencing fair & efficient maritime crewing

For Seafarers

Find your next job at sea with Seafair’s digital crewing platform from the comfort of your home.

For Shipping Companies
Seafair offers compliant manning services  in 14 countries around the world.