Drive profitability with supply chain powered automation


Sedna AI allows you to utilise workflows, automation and plugins to power your communications.

Sedna will help your team go…


Email bombardment, siloed inboxes,
repetitive and redundant conversations
Lack of clarity and visibility between
and within teams
Time wasted with endless manual filing
and searching for information
Human error leading to security breaches


Automated organisation, a single home
for all team communications
One source of truth, a place to collaborate
around any message or task
Unifying processes, quick composing features
Verified contacts, alerts for team

awareness around potential scams

Built for all the challenges in Maritime


Faster and better customer service

Build better relationships with clients to  get the best fixture, fast, while managing all your email tasks efficiently.

Distribute cargo opportunities easily

Streamline communication with minimal need for data entry. Filter market information and gain rich insights into trends, pricing and availability of vessels.

Eliminate noise for greater focus
Create visibility across your team by working from one platform. Use tools for prioritisation and filtering to surface key decision-making data.


Analyse the market easily

Monitor market conditions and reference historical information quickly, from anywhere. Conduct route, vessel and risk analysis to fix ships with confidence.

Find and act on opportunities in your inbox

Automatically prioritise messages and ensure you never miss a message from your most important contacts.

Collaborate and fix faster

Transition between your work and shared spaces, collaborating with colleagues and teams across your organisation, gaining easy access to messages and context to help you fix faster.


Manage voyages faster

Put fleet management first and use powerful AI to sort your inbox.

Prioritise voyages

Never miss an important email. Stream contextualises your messages with data and shows you important emails first.

Visibility that leads to action

Collaborate with other teams and get valuable context and insights whenever you need them.

Trade Execution

Manage cargoes collaboratively and positively impact P&L

Stream uses AI to organise and prioritise your inbox, ensuring the cargo is your focus.

Faster actions and decisions

Emails are contextualised with data from your third-party systems and your team can make better decisions on the fly.

Visibility from a single source of truth

Collaborate with team members in seconds and easily access past information and decisions.

Port Agents

Handle more port calls

Create a single view of your agency inboxes and handle more port calls with less work.

Faster actions and decisions

Use context from your third party systems and respond faster with visibility of all important data points.

A single source of truth

Collaborate in a matter of seconds, right where the work is, and without needing to switch platforms or creating additional email.

Freight Forwarding

Prioritisation of your work
An automated workflow assigns, routes, and  contextualises your emails with data from your TMS. Your work is optimised while eliminating manual tasks such as filing emails.

Faster and better customer responses

By combining email with your TMS, your teams have access to insights and context that enable them to respond quickly to shipment updates, document and quote requests, driving superior customer service.

Visibility with audit trail

Centralise conversations for each message and shipment such as compliance issues, trace and tracking in one place rather than in multiple systems.

IT Managers

More efficiency, more insights

Drives cross-team collaboration and reveals valuable insights, all while ensuring that your full message history is accessible within seconds.

Best in class security and stability

Ensure regulatory compliance and scalability to any email volume while protecting your organisation from security threats.

Fully automate tasks and workflows

Each message contains valuable data, powerfully connect to third party systems to turn manual tasks into fully automated workflows.