Digital Procurement Platform

Digital Procurement Platform Shipserv

The ShipServ trading network is the most extensive, adopted and in-depth integrated digital procurement platform for the maritime economy.
The platform offers the digital collaboration network for the shipping industry.

Connecting professional buyers and suppliers, simply, securely, to drive business opportunities and sustainable growth.

Social & Environmental


We encourage and promote environmental sustainable trade across our network by:

  • Making suppliers visibly specify their environmental-related credentials
  • Offering discounts for circular economy and environmental accredited suppliers
  • Promoting environmental criteria to buyer community
  • Enhancing “environmental choices” by providing environmental evaluation tools and benchmarking

Customer Success


ShipServ has been the marine trade experts for over 20 years (founded in 1999). The success is measured by the success of ShipServ’s customers.

As a result of working closely with our customers as we design solutions, we continuously adapt and evolve to cater to changing information and data needs and so drive our customers’ success..

Promoting and Facilitating Sustainable Trade.

We help our customers deliver sustainable economy growth by providing :

  • Efficiencies – to remain competitive
  • Insights – to enable qualified and strategic decision making
  • Transparency – to compete fairly, set KPIs and measure performance
  • Growth opportunities – to help your company prosper and create new jobs
  • Enhanced, strategic procurement capabilities

How Can ShipServ Help?

ShipServ Buyers

Digital Procurement Platform Shipserv

can get instant access to tens of thousands of validated suppliers and form sustainable partnerships to enhance their operation of marine assets. Standardised connections with any software system guarantee rapid serviceability.

ShipServ Suppliers

Digital Procurement Platform Shipserv

can market their products and services through the ShipServ online interface or integrate directly with the ShipServ network.