Salesforce: Rules & Instructions

If it’s not on Salesforce – It does not exist.
October 24th, 2022

1.  Activities must be logged properly.

2. Meeting notes are to be uploaded the same day of the meeting – even late evening.

3. Next Step of the opportunity must always be updated.

4. An Opportunity when in “initial proposal stage” must always have an amount & a close date (middle or end of mouth).

5. Close date is your estimate when you expect to close the deal.

6. Make sure you open a quote and synchronize it.

7. In Next Step be concise and specific, i.e.: “5 Dec GK call Mr. Kostas Konte for a new price”

8. Full Comments following a call must have initials (GK), be concise and well-spaced.

9. An Opportunity cannot exist forever, maximum 6 months, if it doesn’t move stages, close it.

10. Each Opportunity must have his/her own contact.

11. All Offers sent must be uploaded on Salesforce.

12. For Management & Reporting, we use Reports: No: 1 – No: 6, not excel.