Bringing Order to Inventory Chaos

First of its kind solution in the maritime sector currently using RFID technology – as innovative as it is easy to use. 

Capture accurate inventory data, optimize consumption & procurement by using:

Artificial Intelligence


Machine Learning

The Propeller Ecosystem Connects 3 platforms:

  • Portable scanning tablets
  • Auto stock reconciliation
  • Find lost spares with RFID radar
  • Work order flows (planned / unplanned)
  • Goods delivered / PO records
  • Digital (PDF) equipment manuals
  • Offline operation
  • Fleet-wide comparative views
  • AI/ML consumption analytics
  • Procurement opportunities
  • PO status monitoring
  • Advanced search & filtering
  • Near real-time data
  • Tag at source
  • Goods received at 3PL
  • PO synchronization
  • Line-item breakdown
  • Delivery notification
  • Flexible bundling capabilities

How Can SparesCNX Help?

Optimize procurement.

Reduce working capital.

Identify Consumption Drifts.

Avoid Emergencies.

Standardize Operations.

Reduce Costs.