Revolutionising Maritime with AI-Powered Innovation

Who we are

Synthetica is an A.I. and Advanced Analytics company, providing Vessel Monitoring and Preventive Maintenance Software Services to leading organizations in the industrial sector.


How we work

Synthetica uses a consulting approach to complex problem solving and offers decision making tools that measurably improve Asset Efficiency and Profitability.

Our vision

Create a One-Stop Solution that enables Intelligent Monitoring, Management, and Support for operational optimization of Maritime assets.

At the forefront of maritime innovation, we excel at optimising operations at sea. Our AI solutions seamlessly integrate with your existing systems boosting efficiency and reliability for your organisation. 

Our mission? To attentively decode each signal the vessel sends, helping you to timely act upon them.

Our competitive edge

Proprietary Deep Learning Analytics

Incorporated IoT and Big Data Infrastructure

Customisable and Easy-to-Use Web Platform

Trained for Maritime Large Language Models

Our solution



Synthetica IEM revolutionises maritime operations with its advanced remote monitoring technology.  Serving as a bridge between the vessel and onshore teams, our system deploys reliable IoT installations and robust Big Data frameworks, tailored  to the unique specs of each vessel. Our configurable interface empowers engineers  and crew to swiftly identify and prioritise critical information. By analysing real-time  and historical data, teams can easily investigate emerging mechanical issues. This precision in monitoring and analysis provides superior performance, cost efficiency,  and advanced, data-driven decision-making capabilities.




Synthetica PEM harnesses our proprietary Deep Learning Analytics to preempt machinery failures, detecting anomalies before they escalate. By analysing extensive data sets, our system precisely identifies abnormal vessel behaviours and pinpoints their root causes. Enhanced with sophisticated troubleshooting functionalities,  Synthetica PEM not only minimises breakdowns with early incident identification,  but also helps operators to optimise maintenance timetables. This forward-thinking  approach extends the lifespan of vessel machinery and promotes continuous operational readiness.




Synthetica GAIA, powered by a bespoke Large Language Model (LLM) for the maritime sector, processes vast data sets to provide you in seconds the guidance  you need from your database. Οur tool can integrate into your data sources  (documents, databases, emails), prioritising data protection and cyber security. GAIA improves productivity, streamlines administrative tasks, and optimises the use of data within maritime operations.

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Equipped with powerful Gen-AI capabilities, Large Language Models, and Digital Twin technology.