The Innovative Maritime Start-up – Captain’s Eye, Has Now Arrived in Greece via Oriani Hellas

Dec 9, 2022 | Oriani

The Innovative Maritime Start-up – Captain’s Eye, Has Now Arrived in Greece via Oriani Hellas

Oriani Hellas recently announced that they will be representing the Israel-headquartered, innovative start-up – Captain’s Eye in Greece.

The New Generation of On-board Vessel Safety Management Solutions

Marine transportation is responsible for moving billions of dollars’ worth of goods each day. In 2020, the estimated world seaborne trade volumes were estimated to be more than 10 billion tons. However, this huge volume of global marine transportation often comes with a cost – accidents. These can result in fatalities, irrecoverable injuries, ecosystem destruction, significant cost claims, and corporate reputational damages.

According to the 2021 Annual Report of Nordic Association of Marine Insurers, between 2017 and 2021, 15% of the total cost of insurance claims came from incidents of fire on-board. This was the second highest category, after machinery, and shows no signs of a downward trend.

Captain’s Eye is a vessel safety solution that has developed a holistic system using Artificial Intelligence (AI) that provides real-time video analytics by detecting & immediately alerting on safety, operational & security incidents onboard. The AI integrated system can detect & therefore prevent a number of internal events and anomalies onboard such as leakages, smoke, fire, unresponsive crew and more.

Oriani’s team of experienced maritime professionals actively take on the role of a Trusted Partner of the Greek Shipping Industry, by offering the most innovative and value-add maritime digital solutions to help the industry increase their operational efficiency with the help of technology.

Statements from Oriani Hellas & Captain’s Eye Representatives

“We are proud to promote a solution that is so focussed on increasing the safety of the crew on-board and the vessel itself. While digital solutions, such as Captain’s Eye, have the potential to drastically improve operational efficiency while also providing a solid return on investment – we must never forget that it’s the crew on-board who are the most valuable asset, and their safety must be paramount”, John Vandoros, Business Development Director of Oriani Hellas.

Captain’s Eye will set a new on-board vessel safety management standard for Greek Shipping Companies with its AI integrated system, through dramatically shortening the detection time of potentially hazardous events on board, preventing accidents & environmental pollution.

“We are excited and happy to offer our product to the Greek shipping market. We are confident in our ability to give our customers great value by saving human lives, saving money and allowing our customers efficiency and savings in day-to-day operations” added Uri Ben Dor, CEO of Captain’s Eye.