RFID Inventory Management

The Ship AS helps shipowners, operators, agents and charterers to improve handling, interaction, quality and optimize time spent in port.

It aims to be a leading partner for operators, agents, charterers and port authorities by offering digital solutions for the complete process related to port call activities, statement of fact, reporting, demurrage and real time operations.

What we provide

  • Optimized and efficient port calls
  • Task and time control
  • Best practice procedures
  • Eliminate unstructured handling of Statement of Facts
  • Auto generated demurrage calculations, reporting e.g emission 
  • Powerful analysis capabilities
  • Live overview of port call activities to operations, agents and customers

Ship Owners

Start taking advantage of your own data and gain insights across various waypoints.
Our services lets you gather data in a structured way, enabling your company to work smarter both inhouse and together with your customers.


Get the complete picture over all your cargos in real time. Our services enables charterers to benchmark and negotiate the best terms for moving cargo from A to B.
Real time and historic data are analyzed and helps charterers make efficient and cost effective decisions


Work smarter and more effecient by using our services.
Get the data you need in real time or integrate your own systems using our open API’s.
Up to date data at your fingertips at all times.