Relive your construction site in a minute with Timelapselab

Simplify construction site monitoring and documentation of your business’ progress in a few clicks with the industrial time lapse devices by Timelapselab. We design time lapse devices for construction sites with a functional web platform that allows remote site monitoring and generates professional time lapse videos for construction sites to use for reporting, marketing and internal communication. Furthermore, privacy is guaranteed!

Services include:

Continuous monitoring

Thanks to the dedicated platform, you can monitor the progress of work 24/7.



Control and change the settings of your device at all times, remotely.


The Timelapselab devices are designed for extreme conditions and do not need any maintenance of on-site periodic inspections.


The Timelapselab devices are shipped ready to be installed. The framing is calibrated remotely.


We design our devices to resist any temperature or adverse weather condition.

High quality

The Timelapselab devices are produced with the best materials and they offer high resolution interchangeable lenses.

Privacy compliance

The software detects and blurs faces, bodies, vehicles or areas to make all photos and videos timelapse privacy-compliant.

Alert for anomalies

You will receive a swift notification in case of irregularities or system malfunctions.

The time lapse devices

Timelapselab offers a wide range of high quality industrial-grade devices. The devices are designed for the long term with extreme temperatures and adverse weather conditions. They do not need any on-site mainetance or SD card change. Discover the solution that best suits your needs.

Our integrations

We cover your onshore and on-board needs and can travel globally to your vessels in any port, thereby ensuring the highest quality of workmanship is consistently applied both in your office and on the vessels by the same experienced people.

Certified and privacy-compliant solutions TLA8

Timelapselab guarantees innovative solutions with the best constructive quality. The Timelapselab 3.0 service provided with TLA8 devices is certified ISDP©10003:2020 (International Scheme Data Protection) by InVeo.