TMS Cardiff Gas takes the first step towards digital medical care with Oriani &

by | Jun 7, 2022

We are thrilled to announce that TMS Cardiff Gas has made the first step towards digital medical care in Greece, by choosing’s solutions for a pilot project in this field. This choice proves that crew health is a top priority in the maritime industry. offers three innovative applications, “bringing the doctor to the vessel”. supports shipping companies and their crews, when it matters most. Its approved medical solutions are designed to enable medical care anywhere, by operating at sea with low to zero bandwidth. They are simple, reliable, affordable and cost-effective for ship owners. The company offers three comprehensive and user-friendly applications that improve medical procedures and assist crew members in confronting onboard emergencies, simply by using a tablet. More specifically:

The Live App uses two-way augmented reality, allowing medical specialists to remotely guide the Master and Crew members on how to provide urgent Live support for patient examination and treatment.

The Skills App provides real-time step-by-step instructions on how to perform basic medical procedures. It’s STCW 2010 – Medical Care compliant.

The Heart App produces a 12-lead hospital-quality ECG via tablet, which can be sent to professionals in PDF format with just one click. This information can facilitate better decision-making on deviation, evacuation and on-board treatment.

Make your step, here: is represented by Oriani Hellas in Greece.