CII Ratings & Compliance Tool

What are CII Ratings?

The CII Ratings or Carbon Intensity Indicator is a system for ships that has been developed by the International Maritime Organization (IMO).
The latter are calculated from the Annual Emissions Ratio (AER): annual fuel consumption multiplied by the CO2 emissions factor, divided by the transport network (distance sailed by a ship multiplied by capacity).

How to Stay Compliant?

To stay compliant, use VesOPS and get a deep understanding of your vessel’s real-world fuel consumption under all conditions.
Moreover, VesOPS can be used to for things such as noon-reports or high-frequency sensor data for a live view of performance vs benchmark.

Optimize Vessel Operations

Manage Vessel Performance

Reduce Vessel Carbon Footprint

Be prepared for the upcoming CII ratings and reduce your operating cost with powerful data analysis and decision support from VesOPS.

How Can VesOPS Help?

Online Overview

VesOPS operates with online sensor data to provide a continuous update on your vessel operations. With the online overview you get a more precise analysis of your vessels’ actual condition and detect any issues instantly, as well as predict future events and get decision support on operations optimization.

Analysis and Benchmarks

The tool allows you to get a precise performance analysis from sensor data. For example, the solution allows you to extract fuel tables for different vessel conditions. Also, you can keep track of you charter contract compliance and predict future conditions.

It is important to note that controlling your carbon footprint and CII rating makes your vessel attractive in the market. With VesOPS you can also benchmark towards your fleet and towards similar type vessels in the world fleet.

Decision Support

Predict future events and operations based on the advanced analysis techniques in VesOPS. As well as match your vessels actual conditions to operational profiles for better utilization of your fleet. Laslty, Control actual performance and use the software for target settings to improve the energy efficiency of future operationsthrough VesOPS.