A platform to track and employ technical assistance near your vessel’s location

VslTec Platform

VslTec is an innovative online platform that unites Service Providers & Shipping Companies. Its primary purpose is to act as a technical services locator globally. Service providers are allowed to enroll in the platform and shipping companies can search for their desired service
provider at the port of their choice.


How can we help?

VslTec Platform allows shipping companies to locate experts from a wide range of professionals all around the world, avoiding never ending google searches without knowing the actual provider and their professionalism. Vsltec verifies all the providers who enter the platform.

For service providers, VslTec provides them exposure to the global market and the possibility to connect with new clients all over the world.

For both of the parties, VslTec has a special capability that allows shipping companies & service providers to engage in direct negotiations.

VslTec Platform

Competitive Advantage 

By allowing direct negotiation, VslTec differentiates its product in the market and  greatly increases the value it provides to the customers by encouraging openness, adaptability, and efficiency in their interactions.


Shipping Companies

  • Instant Access
  • Multiple Searches
  • Transparent Negotiation
  • Online Booking
  • Communication Channel

Service Providers

  • Global Exposure
  • Fairness and Opportunity
  • Direct Communication
  • Trips Calendar
  • Market Info

Vsl Tec’s Key Features

RFQ System & Expense Calculator:

Allows the calculation of additional expenses alongside the service provider’s quotation, offering a clear, holistic view of all costs involved. 

Search Engine, Star Ratings & Service Provider profile:  

Apart from the search engine for service providers, the platform allows for the rating of the services received. Additionally, with a service provider profile feature, the platform showcases details for the providers such as company description, ISO Certifications, etc.

Booking Overview Feature:

A comprehensive overview of the booking including all important details along with the agreed quotation.

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