Adaptive Weather Routing
for Safety
and Performance Optimization​​

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Ascenz Marorka has developed an advanced route optimisation solution that can advise the best voyage plan while respecting several operational constraints and optimising for:

Fuel Consumption


Carbon Emissions


Overall Costs

  • Setup auto-refresh of optimised route at regular intervals
  • Receive updates only when defined savings are achievable

Our Weather Routing module is part of our end-to-end digital platform enabling fleet monitoring, analytics and performance.​

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Professional Digital

* Electronic Navigational Chart
* Navigational Warning

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Tracking, Alerts, Post-Voyage Analysis.

Available online
and through email

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Updates & Route
Auto-refresh function​

icon used by the office and crew on-board​


To be used by
the office
and crew on-board

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Via-points, via-legs,
special areas
speed limit), Temporary Area

Real Time Fleet Performance Monitoring Centre

  • Paris (France) shore-based service.
  • Provides expert services to ship owners, charterers and ship managers on top of the Ascenz Marorka digital Weather Routing solution.
  • Team of seasoned mariners & engineers with extensive expertise in navigation, meteorology, vessel performance management, LNG operations and offshore operations ensuring a holistic approach to fleet optimization. 
  • 7/365 phone or email availability for Captain & Company assistance.
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Ascenz Marorka’s Mission:

To provide the most comprehensive, innovative and reliable solution in the market for the ship owners and the charterers around the world. Ascenz Marorka offer’s a complete range of solutions to improve the vessels performance, while reducing the cost of operations and meeting the global target of reducing greenhouse emissions.

Ascenz Marorka’s comprehensive solution