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Windward AI is the leading predictive intelligence company fusing AI and big data to proactively empower the global maritime industry.

Windward is a neutral AI platform that scans the behavior of the world fleets and provides actionable insights, ensuring Shipping Companies are always compliant with OFAC’s risk assessment standards and avoid unexpected off hires. 

One AI platform for all maritime data & insight your business needs to grow with confidence:




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What are the risks?

Current News

  • EU adopted an eighth package of sanctions on 6 October 2022 against Russia (see full details here, and how they are relevant to shipping here).
  • From 2023 the import or purchase of Russian iron and steel products is prohibited, including any product containing Russian iron and steel.
  • The carriage of Russian crude and petroleum products into the EU will be prohibited from 5 December 2022 and 5 February 2023 respectively.

How Windward AI can help:

  • Easily prove you compliance integrity for fleets and individual vessels.
  • Control your sanctions risk by monitoring your fleet behaviour.
  • Quickly check the risk of other vessels you meet (STS transfers) to avoid transfer to your vessel.
  • Clear explanation of behavioral analysis.
  • Smart safety & quality risk models to optimize vetting processes.
  • Immediate GO/NO GO recommendations on both compliance and due diligence concerns.
  • 4X less false positives, saving up to 75% investigation time.

Why Windward?

Maritime Platform for all maritime data & insights

200+ Years of Combined Maritime Expertise

Active decision support through 15+ AI models – going beyond data

Best-in-Class Data  10BN Dara Points multi-sourced & dynamic